"Inspiring you one dance at a time."
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Class fee's for all 40 minute long classes (Music & Movement, Tike's Tap)

 Number of classes per week
 Cost of class per week
2  $9
3  $8
Class fee's for all hour long classes (Most classes are an hour long)

Number of classes per week
 Cost of class per week
 1  $15
 2  $13
 3 $10
 4+  $9

Class fee's for all hour and a half long classes (Int & Adv Jazz, Int & Adv Ballet)

 Number of classes per week
Cost of class per week
 1 $17
 2 $15
 3 $13
 4 $10
 5  $9

* Fall & Spring sessions are between 16-25 weeks in length and may be paid in monthly installments, in 2 installments, or in full.

* Summer session is usually 8-10 weeks long and may be paid in 2 installments or in full.

* There are no refunds for missed classes. Classes can be made up at the same level in a different class or in a class one level below. Please notify the instructor that you will be attending a class as a make-up before the date of the class. ~Make up classes are unlimited but should it become a regular occurrence makeup class privileges will be taken away. ~ 

*Note: After 15 days, no refunds for the remaining classes will be given should you decide not to continue with the session.

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