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Winter Showcase

The Winter Showcase is always the first or second weekend in December depending on how the session falls.

*The Winter Showcase 2015 is:
December 5th @ 2 p.m.

This show showcases every class at Dancepiration taken during the fall session. It is an amazing show but is not as an elaborate of a production as the Spring Recital as there are only 3 months to prepare. We know that funds can be tight around the holidays so costumes for the Winter Showcase are provided by the studio and must be returned the week after the show.

Tickets for the Winter Showcase are $10.
Spring Recital

The Spring Recital is always on the last Saturday of the spring session, usually falling on the second weekend of June.

*The Spring Recital 2015 is:
June 13th at 2 p.m.

The Spring Recital is a big production! Costumes for this show are ordered in February and will not exceed $50 unless it is agreed upon by all the class participants. If a student joins class after the costumes have been ordered we will call the costume company to see if costume can still be ordered for that student.

This show is always amazing! Every single dancer lights up the stage with their joy and passion for dance. We want every dancer to be a star. That is why they work hard on their technique and performance quality while in class so it is effortless and fun when they're on stage. 

~If you lost your recital packet and would like a new one e-mailed to you please send us an email with your name and your students name or pick one up at the front desk.

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