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~Make-Up Classes~
  • Students are allowed make-up classes for classes they miss. A make-up class may be done in another class of the same level or a level below that of the class missed. ~Please notify the instructor or the front desk that you are coming for a make-up before the date of the class.
  • If make-up classes become a regular occurrence, then the privilege will be taken away.
  • If an instructor cancels a class due to illness, weather, etc. they will schedule a make-up class and will notify their students at least 1-2 weeks prior to the make-up date.
~Mail Boxes~

  • Each student has a mailbox located at the front desk where all informational  handouts will be placed.

  • Students and parents are responsible for checking folders each time they come into the studio.

  • Please be diligent in checking mailboxes, although there will be consecutive weeks where the mailboxes are empty, there will also be weeks when important information regarding recitals, pictures, performances and other studio happenings will be in mailboxes.
~Reception Area~           ~Student Message Board~            ~Kids Zone~         ~Community Zone~            ~Watching Classes~      
  • Please direct any questions you may have to our receptionist behind the desk they are there to help you in any way that they can. Be sure to check the lighted board for all important information such as up coming performances, important deadlines, etc. Feel free to browse our studio apparel and boutique as well as our trophy case located on either sides of the lighted board in our reception area. We encourage parents and students to donate any studio related pictures they may have so we can include them in our studio photo albums and scrapbook for all to view.

  • Food and Drinks are allowed in the reception area only, students & families are responsible for cleaning up after themselves. There is a microwave in the reception area for students and families that spend large amounts of time at the studio to use to be able to eat healthy and proper dinners while they are on break from classes.

  • The student message boards are located in the hallway across from the entrance to Studio 2. On the white board will be any important class information that a teacher doesn't want students to forget such as make-up classes or something that they need to bring the following week, etc. (hand-outs will usually be sent home as well but not always). On the bulletin board next to the white board is all kinds of information that may be of interest to students such as auditions, professional up coming shows, workshops, clinics, seminars, etc. Please be sure to check it out each week to see if there's any new information that may be of interest to you.

  • Our kids zone is a great place for siblings to hang out while they are waiting for their sister/brother to get out of class & is also a great place for students to hang out before/after class or on their break in between classes. The kid zone has a table where students can work on their homework, a t.v. with appropriate viewing material provided, books for all ages and various toys and games. Please put away toys, books, games, photo albums etc. when you are finished.
  • Shoe/Leotard Exchange - we know kids grow out of things faster than you ever imagined they would so Dancepiration offers a shoe and leotard exchange! Let us help you cut the cost of growing. We have baskets full of barely worn shoes and leotards that are ready to be traded out for your old pair or purchased for only $2!

  • Patrons and local business owners please feel free to display your business cards, brochures, flyers, etc. in our community zone, all we ask is you take some of our cards as well to display in your business.

  • Patrons please support other local businesses & schools by taking there cards, brochures, menus, coupons, etc. and visiting their businesses.

  • Teachers will allow parents to come in at the end of each class to view what the students have been working on. We do not allow parents in the room for the entire class unless the teacher has schedule a specific parent watch day. We do this to keep the students attention on what they are being taught and focused on themselves instead of who is watching them.
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