"Inspiring you one dance at a time."
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Inspiring to dance is, as its name suggests, at the heart of the studio Dancepiration. Students will quickly come to understand and appreciate that this studio offers more than just ‘technical’ dance instruction in jazz, hip-hop, ballet, pointe, broadway jazz, lyrical, tap, contemporary, music & movement, dancer’s conditioning, wedding routines & so much more  – it gives  each program enrollee a chance to express themselves in a fun, comfortable, relaxed environment. Though our instructional team indeed focuses on teaching proper dance techniques in each of these disciplines, they understand that each student is different, so instruction is very student-centric and individualized – hence, when a student enrolls, they are initially placed in a dance level according to age to assess their inherent techniques, and moved accordingly to a more comfortable & skill appropriate level, to optimize the student’s overall dance & learning experience.

‘Inspiring You One Dance At A Time’ in a fun, relaxed environment, where it’s all about the student – it can’t get any better than that.

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