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Class Descriptions

~ Students will learn proper terminology & technique in all disciplines. They will also receive a great deal of one on one attention from their instructors and choreographers as classes will never exceed ten students. Once a class reaches ten a new class will be opened. ~

 Music & Movement
3 - 4 yrs
Music & Movement is designed to introduce children to dance and music. In this fun filled 40 minute class children will learn stretching, basic ballet technique, rhythm, timing & group work. 
 Ballet 4 yrs & up
Ballet is an academic dance form and technique which is taught according to specific methods. It is best known for it's unique features such as turn out of the legs, and it's graceful, flowing & precise movements. Ballet is the basis of almost every dance style and it's techniques are very important for classes such as lyrical, contemporary & jazz. 
 Jazz  5 yrs & up
Jazz dance incorporates several different styles of dance into it's techniques. An important part of jazz is expression. Jazz routines express the music through dramatic and grand body movements. Up until level IV jazz and hip-hop are combined half of the class being jazz and half being hip-hop. These classes will perform two routines at the recitals - one in each style. 
 Hip-Hop  5 yrs & up
Hip-Hop refers to street styles of dance that are constantly evolving. Hip-Hop dance is heavily influenced by today's hip-hop music.  Up until level IV jazz and hip-hop are combined half of the class being jazz and half being hip-hop. These classes will perform two routines at the recitals - one in each style. 
 Tap 2 1/2 yrs & up
Tap is a style of American theater dance that uses precise & intricate rhythmical patterns of foot movements to produce it's sounds.  
 Lyrical  8 yrs & up
Lyrical combines both ballet & jazz techniques. It is a very emotional style of dance that tells a story through body movements. Lyrical uses a lot of floor work and extensions in it's techniques.
 Contemporary  8 yrs & up
Contemporary combines both modern dance and classical ballet elements into it's technique as well as jazz and lyrical. It is a very fluid form of dance that connect mind & body through movements not necessarily telling a story. 
 8 yrs & up
 Broadway is a theatrical form of jazz dance that incorporates jazz techniques with prop work and occasional pantomiming to tell the story of the song. 
 P.T. Facilitated dance
 3 yrs & up
This class is for students with special needs. This unique program offers the opportunity for students to work on balance, coordination, flexibility and strength in a social, fun dance setting. It is facilitated by a physical therapist as well as a dance instructor and assistant teachers so all of the students have the help that they need. 
Pointe - Pre-Pointe
Placement by
All students must take pre-pointe before going onto pointe. Pre-pointe strengthens & prepares the feet, ankles, calves and body for pointe work. En pointe means "on the tip of the toes" and is a classical ballet technique developed from the desire to appear weightless. Pointe requires a great deal of strength and ballet technique. 
 Leaps, Kicks & Turns
9 yrs & up
 This class is a skills class designed to focus specifically on technique. Students will drill jumps, turns, leaps, extensions, kicks, stahls and much more. It is a great addition to any of the other classes as it incorporates skills used in all styles
 Strength & Conditioning
 9 yrs & up
Strength & conditioning focuses on stretching & strengthening all the muscles dancers use. It also focuses on the endurance need to complete multiple dance routines and much more.
 Private Lessons
All Ages 
 We offer private lessons to all ages and for all styles of dance including pom conditioning.
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